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What Are the Important Signs to Upgrade Your Heating Unit?

Jan 11

Constant use, normal wear and tear, and old age cause heaters to break down at any time of the year. Regular maintenance and timely repair can help extend their life. But sometimes, a full replacement is necessary. It can be difficult to decide whether or not it's time for a new heating installation Bradenton, FL. Here are some signs to help you out:

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Increased Repair Costs 

Noticed that your heater runs longer than usual before it shuts off? You may have a dirty flame sensor or blower motor. Simple fixes to both can be done by a professional. But if the system continues to make these weird noises or there are other issues with it, consider working with an HVAC technician for your heating installation Bradenton, FL project. Plus, with frequent repairs come numerous service calls—and these can add up quickly! 

Age of the System 

How old is your heating system? Any unit more than 15 years old may be outdated and inefficient. If you have to crank up the thermostat to get some heat, it's time to give serious thought to a replacement. The same is true if your utility bills are higher than they sounded, even without using the heater on a regular basis.

Newer models are designed to be more efficient, less bulky, and quieter. They also give you more control over the temperature and humidity levels inside the house. Some can even be operated with a smartphone.

Safety Concerns 

Did you know that heating equipment and water heaters are the second leading cause of home fires? Florida has a high number of heater-related injuries and deaths, justifying the need for a heating installation Bradenton, FL. If your old system shows signs of wear or malfunction, look into more energy-efficient options.

Uneven Temperatures Throughout Your Home or Office 

Are the rooms of your home or office consistently cooler than others? If it's not a heat loss through the roof, walls, and windows, it could be your heating unit. Older models distribute the heat unevenly because they are less efficient, noisier, and more limited with the temperature settings. A newer unit can uniformly heat the entire house.

Repair Parts are Hard to Find 

Some models are harder to repair because replacement parts are no longer available or need a lot of modification. For instance, if your heater was created before the 1990s, replacement parts such as safety switches are either unavailable or very expensive. If a heating installation Bradenton, FL is on the horizon, consider looking into newer models packed with safety features, such as automatic shut-off functions when the system detects a problem.

Unusual Noises From the Unit 

A rattling or sputtering sound often means that the blower wheel is unbalanced. A seized bearing can cause a "knocking" sound. Consult with an HVAC technician to have these problems fixed or decide if a heating installation Bradenton, FL is necessary. Sometimes, ducts are the culprit. Worn or loose fittings can leak air, affecting the heating unit's overall performance. 

Constant Humidity Issues 

If there’s constant humidity indoors despite regularly running both fans and dehumidifiers, then this could mean there is something wrong with insulation levels or ventilation levels in either area respectively. An HVAC technician can assess both regions and determine whether an upgrade would solve potential issues relating to humidity.  

Get Ready for Winter with a New Heating System

With Florida's winter temperatures raging beyond the 60s, you may need to upgrade your old, clunky system. AirNow is here to answer your heating installation Bradenton, FL concerns, and help you get back in front of the heat like a pro. For more information, call the HVAC experts at (941) 216-2028.