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How Often Should a Central Heating Boiler Be Serviced?

Jan 9

As the winter months roll in, we’ll all be relying heavily on our boilers for central heating. But how often should you service your boiler to make sure it’s running smoothly? Well, here’s what you need to know about keeping your boiler happy and healthy after heating installation Panama City FL.

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How Often Should I Service My Boiler?

First things first—it’s important to get your boiler serviced regularly. Most experts recommend that this should happen at least once a year, or twice if you have an older model boiler. It’s also worth noting that some manufacturers will require more frequent servicing depending on the type of boiler you own.

If it’s been a while since your last service, it might be worth booking one soon! Not only will this help reduce the risk of a breakdown during the colder months, but regular maintenance can actually extend the life of your boiler and save you money in the long run.

When Should I Schedule My Service?

We recommend scheduling a boiler service at least two weeks ahead of time as many engineers do get booked up quickly during peak season (November through January). That way, you can be sure that your central heating system will be ready to go when winter rolls around!

Additionally, if there are any major issues with your boiler, booking early gives you plenty of time to sort out any necessary repairs or replacements before they become urgent problems.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

During a service appointment, an engineer will usually inspect both visible and hidden components of your boiler system to check for any potential issues or areas for improvement. This includes inspecting pipes and filters as well as checking for any signs of corrosion or wear and tear on parts like pumps or motors.

They will also check gas pressures and adjust them as necessary to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible. The engineer should also advise you if there are any upgrades or repairs that would benefit your system. For example, fitting new thermostats or adding insulation can help reduce energy bills by keeping heat inside the house better.

The bottom line is that having your boiler serviced annually—or more often if recommended by your manufacturer—can go a long way towards ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout winter without the need for new heating installation Panama City FL.

Top 3 Boiler Maintenance Tips

Poorly maintained boilers can cost homeowners dearly in both money and time – so make sure yours is well looked after! With these simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a warm home all year round without having to worry about potential breakdowns or costly repairs.

Tip #1: Check the Pressure Regularly

Regularly checking the pressure of your boiler is key when it comes to keeping it in good working order. A boiler’s pressure should typically be between 1 and 2 bar, so make sure to check it regularly using a pressure gauge.

If the pressure falls below or above this range, you may need to contact a professional for assistance.

Tip #2: Bleed Your Radiators Regularly

Another important maintenance task is bleeding your radiators regularly. This helps get rid of any trapped air that might have built up inside your system. To do this, locate the bleed valve at the top of each radiator and use a radiator key to carefully open it until water starts dripping out - then close it again firmly.      

Tip #3: Clean Your Boiler Annually

Finally, make sure you clean your boiler annually to remove any dust or debris that might have accumulated over time. You can do this by vacuuming around the outside of the unit and wiping down its surfaces with a damp cloth. You may also want to consider hiring an engineer if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself. 

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