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Why You Should Not Skip Annual Heating Maintenance

Dec 14

Winter is around the corner in Bronx, NY and it's time to prepare your heating system and ensure it's in its best condition, so you don't end up with a broken system or costly repairs during the cold season. And the best way to do this is to schedule a heating maintenance.


If your heating system is working fine, you may be tempted to skip annual heating maintenance in Bronx, NY. But before you do so, consider the following points:

heating maintenance in Bronx, NY

Dust and dirt may be accumulating inside the system.


Dust and dirt are enemies of any HVAC unit. Without a tune-up, they will inevitably accumulate in the important parts of your system, such as the filter, over time. Your unit won't function properly when the components are clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. 


You can indeed clean the unit yourself. However, dirt and dust aren't just in the filter and the outdoor unit. Most of the time, they also accumulate inside the motor, fan blades, and other components. 


Most people don't have access to such parts or the skills necessary to clean them thoroughly. This is where an HVAC professional comes in! An experienced technician can identify the buildup of dust and dirt in the system and take care of it quickly and efficiently.


There may be minor issues already.


When you skip annual heating maintenance in Bronx, NY, minor issues could become major problems. During a routine checkup, your technician can identify potential problems and address them before they become more serious, thus minimizing the risk of an unexpected breakdown during the cold season.


Your energy bills may go up.


Issues like duct leaks and clogged filters will force your heating system to work harder than usual to heat your home. This can increase your energy bills, as the system is expending more energy than necessary. 

But sometimes, the problem isn't with the unit but with your property. Drafts and poor insulation will also make it harder for your heating system to maintain a consistent temperature. This is another issue that can drive up your energy bills, as the system has to work twice as hard to compensate for these elements. 


The unit may give up on you during a cold snap.


A poorly maintained unit is more likely to break down during periods of heavy usage. Scheduling regular heating maintenance in Bronx, NY ensures that your heating system is functioning properly and can handle the extra demand during extremely cold temperatures. This will ensure that you stay warm even when it's freezing outside.


You and other occupants may be breathing in unhealthy air.


In addition to checking your system for dirt and dust buildup, a technician will also check your filter and change it if necessary. This is important as an old, clogged filter can allow pollutants into your home, which could be hazardous to you and other occupants.


Your warranty will be voided.


Most warranties on heating systems require annual maintenance for them to remain valid. So, if you skip your annual maintenance and something goes wrong, you may find that your warranty is no longer valid, and you have to bear the costs of repairs or replacement.


In conclusion, regular heating maintenance in Bronx, NY is essential to keeping your system in top condition and avoiding costly repairs. So, don’t skip your annual heating maintenance; you will thank yourself later!

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