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What Does the Installation of a Central Heating System Involve?

Dec 14

Considered the most popular form of heating in Pennsylvania and across the United States, a central heating system distributes warmth to homes and commercial buildings through the use of a network of pipes, radiators, and boilers.

If you are considering a new central heating installation Langhorne, PA, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the steps involved in the process. Depending on the size and complexity of a particular unit, there may be an additional need to coordinate the installation with a licensed electrician or plumber.

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Choose Your Preferred Unit

You have a variety of central heating options to choose from for your heating installation Langhorne, PA project:

  • Boilers: For homes with less complicated heating needs or that don't have access to natural gas lines, boilers make a good alternative. These systems burn fuel like oil or coal to generate hot water that is then piped through radiators and baseboards. If the idea of regularly maintaining this unit does not appeal, there are condensing models that make maintenance less time-consuming.
  • Furnaces: Perfect for homes that rely on electricity, furnaces are designed to heat air and distribute it throughout a house via ductwork. Because of their high energy efficiency, many homeowners choose to install these systems in new construction or when remodeling. Approximately 80% of all central heating units utilize furnaces as their primary heat source.
  • Heat Pumps: As a ductless option, heat pumps circulate cool or hot air throughout a space, depending on the season. They are ideal for homes that need to provide heating and cooling solutions and are an increasingly popular option in conjunction with solar panels. Since they do not rely on fossil fuels, they are often seen as an environmentally friendly solution.

Coordinate the Installation

Although you can handle central heating installation Langhorne, PA on your own, it is often recommended that you work with a qualified HVAC company to ensure everything is installed according to code.

Especially in Pennsylvania, a permit is likely required every time a new heating unit is installed to make sure that you are in compliance with local and state laws. The company you will hire will handle the process of obtaining this permit on your behalf and coordinate the inspection and all other steps involved in the project.

Consider Your Options for Financing

Depending on the scope of the installation, the cost of central heating may be very high. While some homeowners choose to pay for this project in full, there are also options available to help you afford it.

Often, your HVAC contractor can refer you to reputable lenders that specialize in providing financing solutions for a new heating installation Langhorne, PA. These loans may be secured or unsecured, with a fixed interest rate and payment term that works for your budget. You can also take advantage of the tax credits available for new heating installations.

Manage Maintenance

Winter temperatures in Pennsylvania can go beyond freezing. This season should be a quality time to be indoors - enjoying the warmth of your newly installed heating unit.

As a responsible homeowner, you must schedule regular maintenance to keep your system in optimal condition. The frequency of your maintenance will depend on your system type. Scheduling an inspection once a year is typically recommended to keep your unit operating reliably and efficiently throughout the winter.

Need to Install New Central Heating in Your Home?

Whether building a new home or upgrading an existing one, a central heating system is ideal for providing warmth throughout the living space. And what better way to ensure that you choose the perfect unit than by enlisting the help of an experienced expert?

JR Michalski Heating & Air Conditioning is a top HVAC company that can provide the guidance and support you need to design, install, and maintain your new central heating system. 

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