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What Causes Heaters to Stop Working?

Dec 1

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Has your heater been giving you the cold shoulder? Don’t worry, it’s not a sign that you’re in trouble (unless of course it is, then you should probably get that looked at). 

Most likely, there are simple causes for why your heater isn’t working properly. Let's look into some of the most common issues and potential solutions. 

We’ve put together a few key areas to check when troubleshooting a broken heater. Keep reading to find out what might be causing your heater to stop working and when it’s time for heating repair Germantown MD. 

  1. Pilot Light Issues

If you have a gas-powered heater, then it could be an issue with the pilot light that's causing it to stop working. The pilot light ignit

es the gas inside of your furnace so if it's not lit properly then you won't be getting any heat. If it has gone out, or if it’s flickering, it won't be able to keep up with the demands of heating your home. 

To fix this issue, try relighting the pilot light and if that doesn't work you should call a professional HVAC technician to take a look and perform heating repair Germantown MD if needed. 

  1. Blower Motor Problems

The blower motor is responsible for circulating air throughout your home when your furnace is running. If this motor malfunctions or fails completely, the heat will not reach different rooms in your house evenly. 

While this issue can be fixed through routine maintenance or even DIY methods, certain complex repairs may require an experienced technician to diagnose and repair them correctly.

  1. Faulty Thermostat Malfunctions

A faulty thermostat can lead to many other problems with your heating system. It could be as simple as replacing batteries or calibrating the unit correctly—or as complicated as needing to replace the entire thermostat altogether. 

An HVAC technician can help evaluate what needs to be done here in order to get things back up and running optimally again.

  1. Clogged Air Filters

 When air filters get clogged they limit airflow which affects how well your heater functions and decreases efficiency levels significantly over time—which costs more money! 

The solution here is pretty simple - all you need to do is replace your air filter regularly (at least every three months). This will help ensure that your air filter doesn't get too clogged up, allowing fresh air to pass through and keep your house warm all winter long.

Making sure you change out any air filters regularly will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and provide essential protection from airborne particles like dust mites or mold spores too!

  1. Electrical Issues

Electrical problems are potentially dangerous for both homeowners and their HVAC systems alike; therefore this issue should always be evaluated by a professional before attempting any heating repair Germantown MD on your own! 

A qualified technician will know exactly how to diagnose any electrical issues safely so make sure that you contact one immediately if there are any concerns about power in relation to your heater! 

From a clogged air filter to an issue with thermostat calibration or even just needing to relight the pilot light on a gas-powered furnace, there are plenty of reasons why heaters don't always work as they should. 

So next time your heater stops working unexpectedly, take some time to troubleshoot these issues before calling in professionals. You might just save yourself some money while keeping warm this winter season!

Seek Help from the Pros for Heating Repair! 

When it comes to heating repair, you don’t have to go it alone. Professional HVAC technicians are available to help with any temperature-related issue you might be facing. These service providers are qualified and experienced in all types of home heating systems.

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