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The Danger Signs That Indicate You Need a Heating Repair Service ASAP

Nov 8

heating repair near me Biloxi, MSA faulty heating system is a major inconvenience at best and a safety hazard at worst. It is not something you'd want to leave unfixed for too long; otherwise, you're up for trouble.

Here are some warning signs that indicate you need to call heating repair near me Biloxi, MS as soon as possible:

  • Your energy bills are way too high.

While fluctuations in energy bills are normal, an unusual spike may signal that your heating unit is working overtime to compensate for a malfunction. The problem usually lies with the thermostat, ducts, or filters - all of which can be easily fixed by a professional.

  • The rooms in your house are inconsistently heated.

Are some rooms feeling colder than others? Your heater may not be properly distributing warm air throughout your home, possibly due to a damaged fan or ductwork. The solution is as simple as getting a heating repair near me Biloxi, MS to assess and fix the issue.

  • Strange smells or sounds are coming from your heating unit.

Whenever you turn on your heater, do you smell something burning or hear strange banging noises? Sometimes the noise ranges from a harmless but annoying clanging to a concerning screeching. The former might be a loose part that needs tightening, while the latter could indicate something more serious, like a gas leak. Don't risk injury or property damage; immediately call for a heating repair near me Biloxi, MS.

  • There's visible damage to your heater.

Are you starting to notice rust or cracks on your heating unit? Maybe it's even leaking water. These are all clear signs that your heater requires serious maintenance - and it's best to call an HVAC technician for repairs before the damage worsens.

  • Your heating unit is old.

An average heating system lasts about 15-20 years or more with proper maintenance. However, if yours is approaching or surpassing this age mark and frequently experiencing issues, consider replacing it altogether. A heating repair near me Biloxi, MS can assess the situation and advise you on the best course of action.

  • Your burner flame turns yellow.

We are used to seeing blue flames from our heating units, so any deviation should be a cause for concern. A yellow flame might indicate that your heater is not burning the gas properly, which can lead to the release of carbon monoxide - a deadly gas. Mississippi has reported at least one carbon monoxide-related death yearly since 2011; don't let yourself fall victim to this silent killer!

  • Too many replacements and repairs are necessary.

Have you been constantly paying for heating repairs and replacements over the years? Repairs for older units are not difficult, but they may become costlier over time. It could be worth investing in a new heating system - and a heating repair near me Biloxi, MS can help you make that decision.

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