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Does HVAC Include Water Heater?

Oct 27

heater maintenance in Longview, TXWater heaters are one of the most important appliances in your home, providing hot water for everything from cooking and cleaning to showers and laundry. So it just makes sense to want this appliance to last for as long as possible. And that is where heater maintenance in Longview, TX will come in.


While there are a few things that you can do to maintain your water heater,  such as regularly flushing it to remove sediment, the best way to keep it running properly is to have it serviced by a professional. But who do you call for this service?


All About Water Heaters


Water heaters are appliances designed to provide hot water for homes and businesses. It comes in different types, such as the conventional storage-tank water heater, tankless water heater, solar water heater, and heat pump water heater.


No matter the type of water heater, they are susceptible to problems and even breaking down. While it's impossible to prevent all water heater issues completely, there are steps you can take to delay the onset of problems and extend the lifespan of your water heater. It includes proper and regular water heater maintenance in Longview, TX.


Is the Water Heater Part of the HVAC?


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It comes in all types, sizes, and shapes, such as central air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini-splits. The HVAC also includes the ductwork that carries the air to and from the various rooms in your home.


How about water heaters?  Are they part of the HVAC? Should you call an HVAC contractor for your water heater maintenance in Longview, TX?


As mentioned above, water heaters are designed to heat water. The hot water is then distributed to various appliances and fixtures, such as your shower, sink, washing machine, and dishwasher. So it's generally considered a part of your plumbing system instead of HVAC.


However, certain systems are now considered part of the HVAC because they can keep your indoor space warm while providing hot water simultaneously. They are referred to as hybrid systems. 


How to Find a Water Heater Maintenance Company in Longview, TX?


Nowadays, there are HVAC contractors offering more than just heating and cooling services. Some even provide plumbing services and even refrigeration products. So if you need water heater maintenance service in Longview, TX, you can ask your trusted HVAC contractor if they offer this service. Also, there are companies specializing in water heater maintenance, so you can easily find them online or in your local Yellow Pages.


When looking for a contractor, no matter what service you need, it is important to consider its experience and reputation. The company should also be able to provide you with a list of satisfied clients. It would also be helpful to ask for referrals from friends or relatives who have availed of the same service.


Once you have shortlisted a few companies, it is time for you to give them a call. Ask about their rates and water heater maintenance service in Longview, TX. You must understand the terms and conditions of the service before you agree to anything. Make sure that you are comfortable with the company you choose.


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