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What is the difference between air ducts and air vents?

Sep 7

Multiple vents will be required to allow air into and out of the pipes. Vents and air ducts form part of a building's heating, ventilation and heat conditioning ( HVAC). The heart of your indoor HVAC0_ system is the supply and return ducts.

Ducts can be used to transport and remove air. Airflows are required, such as supply, return, and exhaust. Ducts often deliver ventilation as part of their supply of air. The duct system can also be called ductwork.

What are house air vents for? 

Understanding and Replacing House Vents: The generic term Vent refers to all supply and return sources connected to a central air-conditioning unit. All registers, grilles and returns are vents.

Many people also wonder what the difference is between a register and a vent.

Heat registers cover the hole in the floor or wall where the duct enters. A heat register's back is often fitted with louvers or dampers. 

The grille does not have a damper to regulate airflow. Air can flow freely because there is no damper. The damper that is usually found on registers does not apply to grilles.

How do air ducts function?

As stated earlier, air conduits connect an HVAC system with various air outlets installed in a house. The system pushes the heated or cooled air through the ducts and then through the ducts to heat or cool the house.

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