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Do air ducts affect air conditioning?

Sep 7

It's not surprising that Arizona has more than 80 percent of its households using central air conditioning systems to provide year-round comfort in a state with temperatures as high as the triple digits. 

Central AC systems provide the cooling you need to cool your home. They are a cleverly designed network of air conduits. The ductwork is crucial in keeping you comfortable and can significantly impact the overall system's efficiency and performance.

Under Pressure

Air velocity is one key factor that affects air conditioning efficiency. The goal of any central AC system is to distribute air at a speed that minimizes energy consumption and maximizes cooling. The air pressure in the supply and return ducts must be balanced to achieve this ideal. A small change in the pressure of one channel can have disastrous consequences. These include back-drafting, poor air delivery, and high energy costs. 

There are several ways to correct airflow problems:

  • Adjust the blower to maintain the ideal airflow setting.
  • To prevent air loss, seal any cracks, holes, or leaks in the ducts.
  • Modify the duct system to maintain and establish the correct air pressure.
  • Maintain proper airflow settings by following a regular AC maintenance schedule.

Leaky Ductwork

Leaky ducts can be a problem for many central AC systems. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaks can cause up to 30% of the air to escape from a typical American home. Leaks can cause air velocity, pressure, and air conditioning efficiency problems. 

They will make your system run longer and more often. This can lead to unnecessary repairs or even premature replacement of your entire system. Incorrect leak repair can disrupt the pressure balance of the ductwork and can also damage AC efficiency. Your HVAC technician must conduct a pressure test after any duct sealing to ensure that the ducts are correctly balanced.

Are You a Duct Inspector Required?

A qualified professional such as air conditioning company mesa arizona workers can inspect your ducts to help you save money and increase air conditioning efficiency. Duct inspections are essential for anyone with chronic respiratory conditions and anyone concerned about indoor air quality.

Inspecting ducts for mold growth is essential, as moisture can get into ducts through leaks. Damp ducts are a perfect environment for pests such as rodents, insects, and other invasive species. A professional duct inspection can also be beneficial.

  • You can have rooms that remain warm even when your air conditioner is on.
  • You will notice an increase in utility bills if you use air conditioning more.
  • Air vents can produce foul or musty odors
  • A strange buildup of dust on furniture
  • Feeling stuffy, clammy, or damp in your room?

Your qualified Duct Service Specialist

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