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Can I Install an Air Conditioner Myself?

Sep 1

AC installation Sparks, NV

In Nevada alone, central air conditioners are used in about 80% of all residences. So, the AC installation Sparks, NV market is pretty big here. But we don't recommend attempting to install the unit on your own - and we have several good reasons for that. 

  • There is a greater chance of injury.

Many air conditioner installation tasks require working with electricity. If you are not experienced or trained in electrical work, you might as well want to leave it to the professionals. The entire process is delicate - one wrong move could lead to serious injury.

  • The length of the job may be underestimated.

Sometimes, the installation work may take longer than expected due to unforeseen complications or problems. A typical AC installation Sparks, NV job generally takes no more than 4 to 6 hours to complete by a professional installer. But depending on the specific situation and requirements, the job could take a bit longer.

  • AC units are heavy and difficult to maneuver.

The average air conditioner weighs around 150 lbs. without the packaging. To give you some perspective, that is about the same weight as a refrigerator. Air cooling systems are also difficult to maneuver due to their size and weight. It is much easier (and safer) to let the HVAC experts handle it.

  • The AC may not function as intended.

A lot of AC installation Sparks, NV variables must be taken into account for the system to function well. If even one of these is not installed correctly, the unit may not work as intended. You will have to call a professional to come and fix it anyway.

  • Experience is key for AC installation.

Installing an air conditioning unit is not like hanging a picture frame on the wall. It is a more complicated process that requires knowledge, skill, and experience. You should have someone who has the training and experience to get the job done.

  • Warranties may be voided by improper installation.

Installing a product incorrectly can lead to all sorts of problems, from decreased performance to damage that is not covered by the warranty. So if you are unsure how to install an air conditioner, it is always best to ask a professional. They will be able to do it right the first time and ensure that your warranty is still valid.

  • AC installation requires specialized tools.

To ensure accurate AC installation Sparks, NV, you will need several specialized tools - some of which most people don't have lying around the house. This can make the job more difficult and expensive than it needs to be.

  • It may be cheaper to hire a professional AC installation company.

HVAC companies can volume discount their product and service. They often have a relationship with the AC unit manufacturer, which can result in a lower installation price. And since they specialize in installations, they can usually perform the job faster and more efficiently than the average homeowner. This savings in time and labor ultimately results in a lower overall cost for the customer.

Do You Need an AC Installer You Can Trust?

Lincoln Heating and Air started as a family business over 30 years ago and is now one of Nevada's most trusted HVAC companies. The team is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible AC installation service. They will work with you to ensure that your unit is properly sized and installed to function as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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