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Top Reasons Your AC System is Making a Knocking Sound

Aug 27

AC repair Fort Lauderdale, FLAfter an exhausting day in the office, all you want to do is relax in your home. But what happens when your air conditioner starts making a knocking noise?

This can be extremely frustrating, especially since it’s preventing you from enjoying the comfort of your own home. As a homeowner, you can't help but wonder what’s causing this problem.

There are a few reasons why your AC system may be making that sound. Some of them include:

Broken or Loose Compressor 

One of the parts of an AC that works really hard during the cooling process is the compressor. This is why manufacturers make it more durable than ever before. However, it can become loose or break down with frequent use, causing it to create a knocking sound. 

And since it can disrupt your home’s comfort levels, you might be tempted to fix it on your own. But we recommend that you call a professional in AC repair Fort Lauderdale, FL since they have the tools and experience to properly inspect your unit and make the necessary repairs

Too Much Dirt in the Filter

What if your compressor is working fine, but you still hear a knocking noise? In this case, it could be that there’s too much dirt in the filter. This can restrict airflow and cause your system to work harder than usual. As a result, it can overheat and get too noisy while running.

To fix this problem, simply clean or replace your filter. But that does not mean you will be the one to do it. Calling an HVAC contractor for AC repair Fort Lauderdale, FL will be a better option as they know how to deal with this type of problem the right way.

Dust Buildup in the Outdoor Unit

Aside from the filter, another important component of an air conditioner that can get clogged with dirt is the outdoor unit because it’s constantly exposed to the elements. What's surprising is that most homeowners do not clean this part of their AC system as much as their indoor units.

As a result, the coils can get covered with dust and other debris, which can impact its overall efficiency. But how to know when it’s time to give it a good cleaning?

One way is to look at the fins. If they appear bent or damaged, it’s likely that there’s already too much dirt buildup. But for a more accurate assessment, let an AC repair Fort Lauderdale, FL company do what they do best.

Unbalanced Blower Motor 

Another potential cause of a knocking noise in your AC system is an unbalanced blower motor. This can happen when the motor mounts become loose. As a result, the blades will start hitting other parts of the unit, which will create that sound.

This is a serious problem that should be fixed as soon as possible especially when the weather gets hotter. Who wants to deal with a noisy AC unit in the middle of a heatwave? Fortunately, this is something that you can easily fix by calling an AC repair Fort Lauderdale, FL contractor. Not only will they examine your air conditioner thoroughly, but they will also create a plan that will prevent this problem from happening again in the future.

Say Bye to That Knocking Noise With the Team of Technicians at Echo Air Conditioning! 

Now that you know the possible reasons behind that knocking sound, it’s time to do something about it. But instead of fixing it on your own, why not let the professionals handle it? This way, you can be sure that the problem will be fixed the first time around.

For top-quality AC repair Fort Lauderdale, FL, simply contact Echo Air Conditioning. They will respond to your call immediately and provide you with a solution that will eliminate that annoying noise for good.

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