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5 HVAC Maintenance Best Tips for Homeowners

Jul 19

If you want to save time calling for HVAC repair San Jose services - here are 5 5 HVAC maintenance tips for every homeowner in the Bay Area. Why does it seem that the hottest day of the year is when the air conditioner always fails? If you've ever been in this circumstance, you are aware of the difficulty it poses. Customers are happier when the heating and cooling system is functioning properly. Even though the summer heat can be oppressive, you don't have to let it win.

Tip #1: Change the Air Filter

It is true that the air filter gets clogged with time. This can be a problem if it's dusty outside. The air filter is covered in dust, debris and other particles you'll need to get rid of. An accumulation of daily particles could cause the air conditioner to work longer, which is likely to increase your energy bills significantly and increases the likelihood of it deteriorating due to issues. If you frequently clean or replace the air filter, you reduce the burden that the HVAC San Jose unit must clear.

As a standard, it is recommended to clean your home's heating and cooling system twice a week. If your home is a polluted area then you must be sure to do it more often. It's a regular component of your maintenance program.

Tips #2 Wipe the dust from Around the Unit

You'll be amazed at the way leaves dirt, grass, dirt, and even branches have been found to enter your furnace or air conditioning. This can lead to a variety of costly issues that eventually lead to a serious malfunction of your unit. Why would you have to pay for it when you could catch it earlier? Spend time regularly cleaning the vegetation around the area and inspect the area for debris frequently. Particularly, after the area has been hit with strong winds as a result of the storm.

Tip #3: Leave the Air Vents Open

Contrary to what many people believe, closing the air vents won't help you save on energy bills. In fact, it could be one of the most harmful things you can cause damage to your heating and air conditioning system due to how it increases the load on your system. When you shut off the vents, it blocks cool air and reduces the efficiency of your unit dramatically. If you wish to achieve the highest efficiency and avoid overloading your AC make sure that all vents are open and free of any obstructions to airflow.

The main issue with closing air vents is that it doesn't necessarily mean you're bringing less air into your home. The issue is that your air conditioner requires an equal amount of power to run. This is causing damage to the air conditioner as well as the ductwork. When it happens, the air leaks start to develop with the greater number of vents you shut and the greater pressure is applied to the system and increases the likelihood of leaks developing. One of the ways you could accomplish to reduce the cost of energy is to:

  • Install a zone control system.
  • Make sure that your air conditioning and heating system are in good working order.
  • Close the shades and blinds.
  • Make use of fans during the times that you're in need of it.

Tip #4: Have a Maintenance Tune-up

You'll be amazed that HVAC services could help lower the cost of cooling and heating. How long has it been since the last time you were able to have your HVAC unit checked? If it's been longer than one year, you may be at a greater likelihood of experiencing problems. Particularly during the temperatures of summer, would really want to the luxury of living in your house without air conditioning? Air and heating repair is a great way to protect you from losing your AC unit on those hot days with triple-digit temperatures. Furthermore, a tune-up can spot problems before they become out of control. This may even cut down the cost of energy. If you'd like to maintain the condition of your AC unit in good condition, HVAC maintenance can help prolong the life of your AC.

Tip #5: Set Your HVAC Unit at the Optimal Temperature

The temperature you set on your thermostat will be largely dependent on individual preferences, a lot of systems have an ideal temperature setting that will ensure that they continue to utilize the most energy efficiency. It is possible to consult the manual for the owner to determine the correct temperature or consult your service technician to assist you in determining the most energy-efficient temperature. It is important not to fluctuate the temperature too much as it will cause your San Jose HVAC unit to perform more work, and eventually, it will not be operating effectively as it could be.

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