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Things to Consider Before Calling a Heating Installation Service in Austin, TX

Jul 4

Modern home heating is already technologically advanced, which means that there are several ways that you can warm up your house, especially during the winter season. There are several choices that one can choose from. So how can you know that a certain heating system is the one for your home or office?


Before calling for heating installation service Austin, TX, there are certain things that you need to consider.

AFUE Ratings

Manufacturers of heating systems show the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE on the EnergyGuide label. The rating shows the efficiency of the system in different seasons throughout the year. All new heating systems will have the AFUE label to help consumers compare the energy efficiency of each unit.


Condensing heating systems use the energy of the water vapor to preheat the water or air. This ensures that the system recovers the energy used to boil the water, making the systems efficient. Some modern heating systems can get as much as 98% efficiency, while older systems get around 70% only. You can also check the ENERGY STAR label when shopping for a heating system.


If you are looking for heating installation service Austin, TX, you can ask them first about the AFUE ratings of the system so you will know that it will work when you need it.


HSPF and SEER Ratings

The heating system manufacturers show the heating seasonal performance factor or HSPF and the seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER ratings on the EnergyGuide label. The HSPF rating shows the efficiency of a heat pump during the normal heating season, while the SEER ratings show the efficiency of a heat pump during a normal cooling season.


For an efficient and dependable heating system, you can ask your technician about the HSPF and SEER rating before you call for heating installation service.


Size the Heating System

Technicians consider several factors to know the correct size of a heating system. They check the climate, orientation of your home, the insulation levels, location and type of windows that you have. They also check the size of the rooms, the age and number of occupants and the types of appliances that emit heat.


Also, The technician will consider your heating and cooling preferences. To size the heating system, the technician will inspect the entire space and look at joints, seals, and insulation. Then, they will calculate the size of the system needed.



The overall availability of fuel significantly affects your choice of heating system. It would also help if you consider the cost factor and the overall impact on the environment. The heaters are available in electric-powered versions, but there are a lot of options for those homes or offices with gas lines.


When going for a heating installation service Austin, TX, choose the system that suits your budget for the buying, installation, and maintenance stages.


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