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Round vs. Square Metal Duct Work

Nov 4

The purpose of ductwork is to maintain a pleasant temperature and good indoor air quality. Have you ever wondered how or what materials air ducts are built of?  Sheet metal is commonly used for air ducts, however other metals can be utilized in particular situations.

As a technique of moving air, circular metal ductwork is more cost-effective than square ducts in several aspects.

1) Size: The surface area of a rectangular duct can be twice that of a corresponding circular duct for a given pressure loss. As a result, round duct uses less metal than rectangular duct. Heavy gauges, greater reinforcing, and heavier, shorter sections are frequently required for rectangular duct installation.

2) Installation: Round duct has a smaller surface area, making it easier to handle, lift, and install. Round duct requires fewer expensive field joints and less sealing because it comes in greater lengths. Furthermore, rectangular joints are more costly in and of themselves.

3) Efficiency: A better-sealed system is achieved by using circular duct. Because lesser pressure drops need less fan horsepower to circulate the air, smaller equipment may be employed. As a consequence, operating costs are reduced.

4) Design: The visually beautiful shape of round metal ductwork is being used by many architects and designers as a distinctive feature in their projects.

Finally, circular duct can assist in the creation of healthier interior environments. Round metal ductwork decreases the risks of dirt and bacteria building in the duct since it has less surface area, no corners, and improved airflow.